Prefab Modular Homes
Mobile homes arrive finished, complete, ready to use, making setup easy with little on-site work.
Our prefabricated modular houses combine innovative design, sustainability, and affordability. Homes are constructed with precision and delivered to your desired location, ensuring a seamless and efficient building process. Experience the future of housing with us.
  • Energy-efficient prefabricated homes

    Electricity and water networks fully installed. Adaptation to the different energy sources available. Prefabricated construction can significantly reduce energy costs.
  • Mobile prefabricated modular homes and complete constructions
    Mobile homes arrive finished, complete, ready to use, making setup easy with little on-site work. These complete homes are built in the factory and transported whole or in parts to the site.
  • Choose the right model for the available area and adapt it to your style
    We have compact models available for small areas, or large models for large families. Pool, garden or garage, everything can be done to your personal taste.
House Series
Choose your house
Eco-friendly, convenient and stylish. Natural materials.

Living space: 22м2
Total area: 30м2
Ultra-modern design. Minimum of unnecessary parts, quality and ergonomics.

Living space: 43м2
Total area: 60м2
Ergonomics of space while maintaining maximum functionality of the house.

Living space: 30м2
Total area: 35м2
Modern Construction Technologies
Our goal is to deliver value to our client through high quality processes and materials
  • Sturdy wooden frame with triple reinforcement
    Made from kiln-dried planed timber.
  • Warm floors and ceilings
    Height 150 mm. OSB subfloor, laminate of your choice.
  • Electrics
    The electrics are hidden inside the frame. Sockets, switches, lamps and an electrical panel with automatic machines have already been installed.
  • Prepared wood
    Eco-friendly finishing made from dry softwood lumber, only chamber dried.
  • Metal in exterior decoration
    We combine facade finishing made of wood with corrugated sheeting painted with graphite-colored paint.
  • Triple glazing
    The interior and exterior can be painted in any color of your choice.
Maximizing functional areas
We have created a comfortable and affordable living space where you will feel at home. Every square meter is thought out for comfortable use.
Finishing of a Modular House
The interior decoration of a modular house does not differ from the decoration of other types of houses and can be very diverse. Most finishing work is carried out in production, but there are also works that are done after assembly at the customer's site.
Construction of Houses
Each house is manufactured for a specific customer and, despite the standard design and finishing, has certain individual features (for example, the placement of sockets, kitchen communications) - we coordinate them with you and launch the house into production.

We do not depend on the weather and time of year, all production processes take place in warm workshops, where materials get wet and the accuracy of work is increased due to good equipment (machines).
Easy to Transport
Modules leave production in maximum readiness - with interior finishing, windows, interior networks, and a finished bathroom.
Delivery of modules is carried out by special transport in a protective film and under the supervision of professionals.
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